Articles submitted for Refractory: a Journal of Entertainment Media

Articles dealing generally with areas outlined in the home page may be submitted electronically as a rich text format or Word document to unless CALL FOR PAPERS for special themed issues state otherwise. Word length should be between 3,000-8,000 words. All views expressed by the contributors to the website are those of the authors and not the Refractory (unless otherwise indicated).

NB. Although most contributions follow a standard publication format at this time, we also encourage contributors to make full and creative use of the hypertextual nature of the web. The form such contributions may take can be discussed with the editors.


The individual authors hold copyright. If material is re-published elsewhere it must include a statement that it was originally published by Refractory. The editors reserve the right to maintain permanent archival copies of all submissions.


Please include any images or other visual material with your submission. Note: In most circumstances, images cannot be included unless permission has been obtained from the copyright owner to reproduce them electronically. It is the obligation of the author to negotiate with the Refractory and obtain permission. Images should be saved in sequence of appearance in the text e.g. 1-Wayne, 2-Wayne etc, and a list of figures should be included that has information about the source and where it came from. The same method should be followed for sound files. If you’d like to include links or inserts of video footage, include the link, and the information that should accompany it. In all instances, your text should be clear as to where in the text you’d like the image/sound/video to appear.

Style Guidelines

Articles for Refractory should range from 3,000 to 8,000 words. These will be refereed – submission is no guarantee of acceptance.

Film and game titles are to be italicized. Films followed by the name of the director and year of the first screening in brackets after the first appearance of the title. Example: Minority Report (Steven Spielberg, 2002). Computer games followed by the name of the production company and year of release. Example: Phantasmagoria (Sierra On-Line, Inc., 1995)


All sources must be cited in a consistent manner according to MLA (Modern Language Association) style criteria (in text author-date) and included in a bibliography. Footnotes can be used to include additional information. Essay not submitted in this style will be returned.

For further information on referencing in the MLA style:

Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors